Dear MM Green Families,

We feel it’s fair to say the Blue class had an amazing time on The All-School “Camping” Day Trip. It was wonderful to see the children so naturally and curiously interact with nature, connect with each other in new, meaningful ways, and develop grit and independence along the way. Thank you so much for trusting us with your children on this unforgettable trip. It truly was a pleasure to spend the day with them in nature.

Adventures Galore

Blue class spent our day at Temescal Canyon Park with our buddy class, Olders 5 with John and Madeline.  In the morning we spilt into two groups. An exploring group with Maren, Madeline, and Sunny and a hiking group with McKendree, John, and Evelyn.

The exploring group set up Homebase in a ravine near some massive fallen trees and a creekbed. Here they looked for flora and fauna we researched ahead of time and kept an eye out for the ones to avoid.  Some students sketched, some lounged, and some tossed around a football.  They climbed in twisting trees and splashed in the creek. A giant toe-biting water bug – yes it’s a real thing, and yes it’s huge – with eggs on its back was by far the most exciting discovery!

While the hiking group took a beautiful mile-plus hike along trails, following a combination of Temescal Canyon Trail and Temescal Ridge Trail. The hike was the perfect challenge- some uphill but not too much with fun along the way. We romped in a meadow that we stumbled upon and climbed trees whiles the Olders recited lines from Shakespear in preparation for their performance. At the top, we were rewarded with a  beautiful view of mountains covered in yellow wildflowers.

After our morning adventures, we came back together to enjoy lunch and trail mix in the shade!

“The Campfire”

Towards the end of the day, the whole school came together to sing songs around the campfire.  Favorite songs included Peanut Butter in a CupDown By The Bay, and The Green Grass Grows All Around.

S’Mores are a MUST!

Following “The Campfire,” we met up with our buddy class again to munch on what we dubbed pocket S’MORES. Without an actual campfire to roast marshmallows over and S’Mores being an absolute MUST when camping we had to get creative. Pocket S’Mores were the solution.  We made our S’Mores together at school the day prior and saved them in zip locks. Once at Temescal Canyon, we tucked them in pockets of bags to heat up a little.  The results were deliciously gooey melty S’Mores!


McKendree & Maren